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Our approach

We provide you with reliable and sustainable sources of office occupancy data, thanks to our exclusive method and technology

We generate reliable and accurate data

We capture data related to your workplace utilization, we clean it and make it available to you on a single platform and an API.

We help you read and understand the data

Based on the data we measure and what we know about your company and industry, we highlight tangible savings related to your office capacity and running costs.

We work together to support your vision

Our advisers take it one step further by making sure you translate data into wise workplace decisions that cut unnecessary costs while increasing people’s adherence to your company’s culture.

Our Products

MySeat Analytics

MySeat Analytics is a web-based platform that delivers a selection of highly customized statistical indicators. These scalable indicators allow you to track daily activity in the workspace, but they also provide longitudinal information on how the workspace is used over time.

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M.E.C is a concierge app that translates the information contained in a map to an infinite number of possibilities.

MyEasyCheckin (2)


Sense interactions between people and the assets that they use in the workplace. Ultra high precision, 5 years + lifespan and compact size. Suitable for measuring the occupancy of seats and desks, but also of sofas, tables, stools, boards, and coffee machines.


MySeat Gateway

Translating IEEE802.15.4 into TCP/IP internet protocols, the MySeat gateway is a network device that allows any MySeat sensor to connect to the internet locally. Highly resilient, the MySeat gateway is designed for extreme working conditions and exists in Ethernet and 4G/5G versions.



AmbiSense is a modular set of 5 sensors dedicated to measuring temperature, humidity, noise levels, luminosity, air quality.


Door Sensor

Placed on door frames,  the Door Sensor detects weather the door is opened or closed. You can now augment you workplace analytics with this easy to use metric.

Who we are

A team of dedicated experts with over 10 years of experience in designing and operating IoT networks worldwide. We guarantee QoS and commit to getting our clients tangible results through a transparent process.

MySeat provides you with a Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) to measure real-time utilization data on seats, desks, meeting rooms and lounges, but also temperature, humidity, light level, noise level, and air quality (VOC). We present the data  on an interactive map, along with a set of statistical indicators to transform information into insights and call to actions.

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