Office employees working in a well-designed space using MySeat's office space occupancy analytics tools

Guide to Office Space Analytics: Improve with MySeat

Analytics in the Office: A Guide to Improvement with MySeat Understanding office analytics is key. It leads to success. With tools like MySeat, enhancing your workspace is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide: Understanding the Objectives Firstly, decide what you want. Is it more room? Perhaps comfort or teamwork? Recognize your primary goal. It’s the first […]

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A spacious and beautifully optimized office space filled with natural light, ergonomic furniture, and happy employees collaborating effortlessly

Office Space Analytics: A Sensor-Based Guide

A Simple Guide to Office Space Analytics with Accelerometric Sensors Are you looking to understand Office Space Analytics? Accelerometric sensors are the key. This guide will help you dive into the analytics of your office space usage How Do We Measure Office Space? First, measuring office space is now easy. Here’s how: Initially, Pick the […]

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