A Simple Guide to Office Space Analytics with Accelerometric Sensors

Are you looking to understand Office Space Analytics? Accelerometric sensors are the key. This guide will help you dive into the analytics of your office space usage

How Do We Measure Office Space?

First, measuring office space is now easy. Here’s how:

  1. Initially, Pick the Space: What areas do you want to study? Decide.
  2. Then, Install Sensors: Hire MySeat to place sensors on furniture and items people use.
  3. Next, Collect Data: The sensors gather info without identifying individuals.
  4. Finally, Use MySeat: To analyze the data to see trends and busy times.

How Do We Measure Space Use?

With accelerometric sensors, Measuring space usage becomes simple. For example:

  1. First, Pick Metrics: What do you want to learn? Choose metrics like people-per-desk-ratio.
  2. After that, Install Sensors: Sensors provide real-time data.
  3. Then, Use Tools like MySeat: Transform the data into Knowledge.
  4. Lastly, Take action : Work with MySeat advisors to implement the learnings.

What Is This Analytics Thing?

Analytics studies how people use spaces. Therefore, sensors:

  • Improve Space Usage: Identify where you need more or less space.
  • Protect Privacy: The data doesn’t reveal personal identities.
  • Also, Benefit the Planet: Make eco-friendly choices based on real use.
  • And Save Money: Optimize space to reduce costs.

MySeat can also make sense of the sensor data.

Why Measure Office Space Use?

One big reason is Better Operations:

  • Firstly, Allocate Resources Properly: Know where you need things.
  • Next, Ensure Privacy: privacy guarantied by Design
  • Moreover, Save Money: Identify where to cut costs.
  • Lastly, Go Green: Make choices that benefit the environment.

MySeat aids you in this effort, as well.

Memo :

  • Office Space Analytics is now more accessible with accelerometric sensors.
  • With Office Space Analytics, you can better understand how your team utilizes space.



Sensors on furniture let you understand your office space better. They gather data without identifying individuals. Therefore, it’s a simple way to save money and benefit the planet.

Using tools like MySeat, you can make intelligent decisions about your office space. So why wait? Explore how sensors can help you today.