Office employees working in a well-designed space using MySeat's office space occupancy analytics tools

Guide to Office Space Analytics: Improve with MySeat

Analytics in the Office: A Guide to Improvement with MySeat Understanding office analytics is key. It leads to success. With tools like MySeat, enhancing your workspace is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide: Understanding the Objectives Firstly, decide what you want. Is it more room? Perhaps comfort or teamwork? Recognize your primary goal. It’s the first […]

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Enhance Workplace Efficiency with Data-Driven Office Space Audits

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, optimizing office space is critical for improving employee productivity, collaboration, and overall workplace satisfaction. As a facility management team, space planner or workplace designer, making informed decisions about space utilization can lead to significant cost savings and create a conducive environment for success. In this blog post, we introduce our […]

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The importance of occupancy data in the process of designing an adapted workplace

Data and the design of spaces Occupancy data provides valuable insight into how workspaces are used by employees. They can help organizations, and their designers, understand space usage trends. By using this data, organizations can tailor their work environments to meet employee needs, optimize space utilization and ultimately reduce costs and make places more efficient. […]

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7 questions about your office that you can’t answer … unless you have access to workplace analytics (2/7).

Acknowledgement : The information shared in the article comes from a MySeat case study where data have been gathered for a significant period of time (1 year). Findings are specific to one client in one location : CTI Working Environments and should not be considered as a benchmark data for any item listed below. Previous findings : You have […]

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The Space Planner’s Best Friend

Most workplace consultants that we interviewed revealed that their clients increasingly ask them to gather workplace utilization data, with the hopes of accurately evaluating the performance of their facilities. Traditionally, this is accomplished by having someone walk around, carrying forms or tablettes, and taking notes of “who is sitting here and there”, repetitively and for […]

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