Most workplace consultants that we interviewed revealed that their clients increasingly ask them to gather workplace utilization data, with the hopes of accurately evaluating the performance of their facilities.

Traditionally, this is accomplished by having someone walk around, carrying forms or tablettes, and taking notes of “who is sitting here and there”, repetitively and for several days. Not only is this a poor use of man hours, but also the data is incomplete and then inaccurate. And you, how do you collect utilization data ?

Manual reports … really ?

As soon as you need utilization data, don’t touch a thing, call upon MySeat and your spaces will be equipped with our technology withing days !

After a quick install you will have access to an exhaustive record of occupancy data, not only can you bring solutions to your clients’ needs, but you can also back these ideas up with relevant numbers and statistics.We’ll help you put everything together and dress reports that answer your customers’ question as well!

Why measure utilization on furniture ?

Office furniture is a central element of an office’s layout. Calculating occupancy with a mobile app, a badge reader, or other level counters doesn’t allow you to distinguish which elements of a layout are the most popular. These three methods are also difficult to smoothly integrate into an office since they are often associated with “employee surveillance” as the data is originally nominative. The MySeat solution, on the other hand, guarantees employee anonymity, as we prove to your teammates that the utilization data we generate can not be linked to their identity.

The following illustration presents examples of the kind of statistical indicators that you can extract from MySeat data, some of which are impossible to extrapolate any other way.

Since trends vary across projects and results are often contre-intuitive, space planners are instinctively partnering with MySeat to help them understand their Workspaces.

Click here to read a testimony from a space management company that upgraded their approach with the help of MySeat.

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